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Sign in on the website to receive a complimentary informational call from Dr. Young. This will give you the opportunity to get answers to any initial questions you may have before making the decision to start our program.


After deciding to begin the program, you will be asked to complete our Precision Health Questionnaire. You will be guided to our secure, online portal where you can download the form to complete and send it back to us. This will provide information which gives Dr. Young keen insight into your personal medical history, family history and lifestyle.


Advanced lab testing: Our experienced phlebotomist will travel to your home, office or hotel to conduct a blood draw. In the event that a home draw is not possible, our team will direct you to the nearest Lab Patient Service center to ensure convenience. Our customized blood draw is comprised of advanced panels that include hormone levels, biomarkers of cardiovascular health, as well as markers of metabolism, inflammation and immune status. You will also be encouraged to have telomere analysis and genetic testing to determine any diseases to which you may be predisposed. These tests will provide Dr. Young with the ammunition to design a personalized plan for optimizing your health.


You will also be scheduled for an advanced cardiovascular assessment or Coronary Calcium Score. This provides Dr. Young with a baseline status of plaque formation in your coronary arteries so that a proactive, preventive plan can be determined and implemented to avoid Heart attacks and Strokes.


Office visit: After the results of all of this testing are available, your first visit to GAMMI starts with a warm welcome. You will undergo a 2-3 hour appointment during which time a precision medical exam, advanced body composition analysis, computerized neurocognitive assessment, review and explanation of all of your testing will occur.


This comprehensive office visit will conclude with discussion of your personalized plan, taking into account your current health status and future health trajectory. Precise diet and exercise recommendations will also be provided, as well as a sleep and stress management plan. A customized supplement (medicinal grade nutraceuticals) plan as well as hormonal optimization plan, all based on your personal test results and needs, will be initiated.


Your continued journey to optimal health will include follow up office visits as well as follow up labs and assessments every three months to ensure that your personalized plan is on track to obtain and maintain your “personal best”


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